Children of the Forest

Providing critical support and resources to stateless children and families on the Thai-Burmese border

Children of the Forest

About Children of the Forest:

Children of the Forest (COF) is a humanitarian organization dedicated to providing critical support and resources to stateless children and families residing in the Thai-Burmese border region of Sangkhlaburi. COF offers a beacon of hope for those displaced and marginalized by providing essential services and opportunities for a brighter future.

What They Do:

COF's mission is to break the cycle of disadvantage and poverty by offering comprehensive support to stateless migrant children and their families. Through a holistic approach centered on protection, education, healthcare, and empowerment, COF addresses the unique challenges faced by the Karen and Mon children and mothers they serve, ensuring they have access to the the physical, emotional, and social support needed to navigate their challenging circumstances and build a more secure future for themselves and their children.

Partnership with EMA Foundation:

EMA Foundation has provided approximately $50,000 a year to underwrite the  medical program at Children of the Forest for the last decade. We also provide support for Children of the Forest’s development efforts, managing their website redesign, social media campaigns, and US fundraising. EMA has also underwritten production of two new films to highlight the critical work of CoF for use in outreach and fundraising.

Their Impact:

Children of the Forest's nine programs are an essential part of everyday life for hundreds of stateless children and families. Their medical program is the only healthcare available for many area residents. Between the residential program for mothers and children, the K-2 primary school, vocational training and academic support for older students, the football and cross country programs, and more, CoF’s programming enriches the lives of a vibrant community of over a thousand people every day, and their outreach programs ensure that those who need them will find them. 

Join the Movement:

Join EMA Foundation and Children of the Forest in our mission to support vulnerable migrant children and families. Your contribution can make a tangible difference in the lives of those facing adversity and uncertainty. 

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