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Providing educational resources about humanitarian action and forced migration

In-Sight Collaborative

About In-Sight Collaborative:

In-Sight Collaborative is a humanitarian organization dedicated to cultivating a global community grounded in kindness, empathy, and human-centric solutions. Their mission is rooted in the belief that anyone can be a humanitarian with the right resources and platform, and they strive to support individuals to make a positive impact on the lives of forcibly displaced people worldwide.

What They Do:

In-Sight Collaborative envisions a world where forcibly displaced people receive holistic support throughout their migration journey and are received by a system that listens to lived experiences and champions individual agency. To achieve this vision, they facilitate collaboration within the humanitarian sector, providing educational tools, programs, and platforms to address harmful policies and practices and cultivate a more equitable aid system.

In-Sight Collaborative's mentorship program serves as a cornerstone of their efforts to support individuals within the humanitarian sector and cultivate a more equitable aid system. Designed to provide a safe and welcoming introduction to leadership in the humanitarian sector, the program offers participants a 6-week course covering the history, current trends, problems, and innovations in the field. Throughout the program, participants receive mentorship from In-Sight Collaborative and their partners, engaging in problem-solving activities and reflection exercises to refine their leadership skills. Each week includes a leadership cultivation component, ensuring that mentees emerge from the program prepared to take on mentorship roles in other settings or within In-Sight Collaborative's network.

Partnership with EMA Foundation:

Through joint planning and strategic collaboration, EMA committed to providing financial accompaniment at an initial rate of $25,000 per year to support In-Sight's operations and initiatives. This funding encompasses various aspects of the mentorship program, including stipends for past mentors, funding for the 2024 mentorship cohort (including translation into four languages), and a reserve for future modules for the migratory pathway simulation and donor decision tools.

Their Impact:

63 humanitarians from 28 countries participated in In-Sight’s 2023 mentorship program, from as young as 18 and as old as 65 years old. Approximately half of them have no prior experience in the humanitarian sector. They reflect a diverse pool of young professionals, graduates, and students as well as seasoned career humanitarians representing fields such as international development, legal aid, peacebuilding, medical, academia, government affairs, and the private sector. 

After mentorship, program participants became more knowledgeable about the sector than 84% of people who missed out on the program. They also feel more confident to work in the sector than 90% of those who did not join the program. 

“Our experience with EMA has been nothing short of transformative. From the very beginning, EMA has demonstrated unwavering dedication to fostering genuine connections and understanding. In our shared commitment to trust-based philanthropy, they have proven to be not just collaborators, but true allies who meet us exactly where we are. The EMA team recognizes and celebrates the unique strengths and perspectives each partner brings to the table, making us feel valued and heard.”

- Nadirah Saraswati, Chief Operating Officer, In-Sight Collaborative

Join the Movement:

Join EMA Foundation and In-Sight Collaborative in our mission to cultivate a more equitable and compassionate world for forcibly displaced people. Together, we can support humanitarians to challenge harmful practices, champion individual agency, and create lasting change for those in need.

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