Haa Tóoch Lichéesh Coalition

Cultivating the conditions for safety and healing in Lingít Aaní

Haa Tóoch Lichéesh Coalition

About Haa Tóoch Lichéesh (HTL) Coalition:

Haa Tóoch Lichéesh is a community-based coalition that follows a trauma-informed, survivor-centered approach to preventing violence and promoting healing. HTL’s work centers on building and rebuilding interpersonal connections as they reckon with the impacts of societal inequities that stem from centuries of unchallenged colonization, racism, patriarchy, and capitalism.

What They Do:

HTL Coalition's work is grounded in four key areas:

  • Healing and Transformation: Prioritizing personal healing, wellness, and authentic expression as the foundation for social change.
  • Centering Relationships & Working Across Generations: Building intergenerational, inclusive spaces of belonging and care within the community.
  • Learning & Unlearning: Committing to ongoing self-discovery and practice, challenging existing norms, and taking action toward social justice.
  • Remembering the Past to Build a Collective Future: Advocating for systemic change through legal, policy, and institutional advocacy, guided by the wisdom of ancestors and those most impacted by violence

Partnership With EMA Foundation:

EMA Foundation collaborates closely with HTL Coalition, providing support through coaching and unrestricted funding as they embark on a growth campaign. Recently, HTL has undergone a significant transition, incorporating as a newly-formed nonprofit organization. Formerly known as the Juneau Violence Prevention Coalition under AWARE Inc., HTL is now dedicated to violence prevention through regional healing initiatives and systemic change work. EMA Foundation is proud to support HTL on this transformative journey towards greater impact and sustainability.

Their Impact:

Since partnering with EMA Foundation, HTL Coalition has experienced significant growth and transformation. With the support of coaching and unrestricted funding, HTL has expanded its initiatives and strengthened its capacity to address violence prevention and systemic change. This collaborative effort has supported HTL in navigating new opportunities and challenges, cultivating a more resilient and impactful organization. Together with EMA Foundation, HTL continues to make strides towards building a more just and equitable Alaska.

Join the Movement:

Join HTL Coalition and EMA Foundation in our mission to create a more just and equitable society. Together, we can build a community rooted in healing.

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